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    On the Shores of Lake Chapala: Part 2


    In this post, you’ll see a collection of photos I took around Ajijic, which will help give you a feeling for the place.

    mexico ajijjic church
    mexico ajijic sign

    A sign on one of the main streets leading down to the waterfront.

    mexico ajijic street

    The next few shots will show off some of the streets around here.

    mexico ajijic streets


    mexico ajijc street


    mexico ajijic street


    mexico ajijic street

    My images don’t necessarily show it, but the streets in Ajijic were some of the narrowest I’ve ever seen in my travels and the cobblestones were extremely rough. While I”m told that many of the locals like the rustic feeling, I found the streets to be quite dangerous. You could easily turn an ankle or break a bone if you weren’t careful.

    mexico ajijic waterfront

    Where the streets became considerably better was on the waterfront and outside of the central area of town. There were still dangerous cobblestones, but the streets were much wider. Generally, in town I found it to be quite cramped and I felt somewhat claustrophobic.

    mexico ajijic mexican crane

    I got lucky one afternoon and got this shot of the Mexican crane, a beautiful bird, roughly the size of a Blue Heron.


    mexico ajijic nathan el centro

    Yours truly, hanging out in a cafe in central Ajijic. In my next post, I’ll introduce you to a friend from years past, and some sights around the town of Chapala.

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