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    Not Much to Post Today


    Bottom line, I’m tired. I just bid good-bye to someone I care about very much because I wasn’t able to help her. I wanted to do more but I’m low on some of my resources and I didn’t have enough to continue.

    This is another example of surrender and what Adyashanti refers to as “the limitations of the personal will.” I hit them big-time, in this case.

    One very positive thing, though. I just put together a press release for my writing business. I’d been working back and forth with Dan Page, one of my marketing colleagues and he helped me craft the release. If you’d like to check it out, I’ve posted it on my portfolio site.

    This is where I write about software manuals. Not exciting to some on this blog but it’s how I’ve made my living for many years and all this writing has funded my travel.

    I also submitted it to a press release service and it was just accepted. Assuming I wrote it correctly, it should bring me some new clients.

    So that’s about it. I’m just hanging out in the library and I’m going for a coffee, then to Spanish this evening. After that, who knows?

    See you soon.

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