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    Need a Mobile Phone for Traveling?


    Like many travelers, you’re probably thinking of buying a mobile phone. You essentially have three major choices, to buy a phone that’s little more than that, a smartphone, or a phone for each travel destination. For some of you, if all you need is a phone and little else, the third option will probably do the trick.

    If you want a smartphone, that can get expensive – fast. So what to do? My best recommendation is to look for an unlocked phone or one that can be easily unlocked for a small fee if you go through a carrier. Whatever you do, don’t buy a phone that’s locked to the carrier for the duration of the contract because if you want to travel and the carrier won’t unlock the phone, you’ll be stuck having to buy a new phone, which will cost you even more money. It happened to me.

    An example of this is Apple, which goes out of their way (in my opinion) to force customers to stay with the carrier. The best way around this is to buy an unlocked phone from the Apple store. This will give you a fully unlocked phone and you can choose which carier you use it with. The only caveat is to make sure you buy a pay as you go plan. This will give you the flexibility you seek.

    The best overall solution (in my opinion) is to buy an unlocked phone and when I was faced with that choice, I chose to buy one of the Samsung phones that is available factory unlocked. There are no extra fees involved, either.

    And as for buying phones in general, it turns out that a major carrier is one of the worst places you can go. Also, be very careful when buying a used phone through Craigslist or other used site since the phone could be stolen property. Overall, the place that offers the best Cell Phones & Accessories is Amazon and you can check them out through this link.

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