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    My Second Night Under the Stars


    Here I am again, after another night under the stars. I was in the same area, where it was peaceful and quiet. I had a good sleep but woke up with a splitting headache. After a couple of Tylenol and some coffee, my headache calmed down.

    Thanks to Derek, who offered me a place to live. Unfortunately it was a basement room with really low beams. Having lived in one of these in years past (and nearly giving myself a skull fracture when I forgot about the beams), I knew I couldn’t make it work and said: “No.”

    Thanks to Johanna for the use of her shower and lunch. After the shower I felt human again. Funny how something as simple and ordinary as a shower can be so important.

    Thanks to Colleen for some conversation time. It was good to hear your voice.

    I’m learning how to make things work with car camping. The biggest downside is my car isn’t meant for what I’m doing so it’s a bit of a circus act to get the car comfortable for sleeping. Still, I’m grateful I have it.

    I’m also learning how to make use of cyber cafe’s and the library. The only major downside is having to move every two hours, due to parking restrictions, which is a bit of a bummer. Other than that, I’m grateful for the use of these resources.

    Another resource I’m making use of is a meditation program run by my old friend Claudio, I can go there five days out of the week and sit. Yesterday, I saw Claudio again for the first time in a few years. His smiling face always brings a ray of sunshine to my life.

    I’ve had the opportunity to see (belatedly) what mistakes I’ve been making, due to the tyrannical nature of my mind. Instead of focusing on finding work, I let the need for a place to live overwhelm the other and knock me out of balance.

    Right now I’m just pacing myself. Instead of trying to force things to work, I’m only doing what’s important, a bit at a time. Eventually I’ll find a place though I have no idea when or how.

    My main tasks are to sleep well, eat well, and work on the assignments I have. Eventually, I’ll be able to send out some press releases and I hope to land a few clients from that.

    Life has become much simpler.

    © Nathan Segal

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