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    My Friend Garry



    This is an update to let all you know who were friends with Gary (yes, I spelled his name wrong), died last year in Bucerias. You can read his obituary here.

    Looking at the obituary again fills me with a lot of sadness. Gary was a good friend and I met him way back in 2005. It’s safe to say now what I didn’t feel comfortable say then. Gary had ALS. At the time that I knew him he hd lost almost all the use of his arms. He could do some things, but barely. He needed a full-time caregiver, even back then (2008).

    My greatest regret was that I was not able to return here before he died.

    My friend Garry, who I met 3 years ago when I came to Bucerias. Among other things, he was in my Spanish class back then.


    A nice shot of palm trees from the rooftop of Garry’s place, right beside the ocean off Lazaro Cardenas in Bucerias.

    north bucerias


    Another shot from the rooftop, looking towards northern Bucerias.

    sunset garrys place

    Sunset from the top of Garry’s place. Getting this place has a bit of history behind it. Two years ago, Garry and myself were looking at renting long term places when he found this one. We entered into negotiation with the Mexican couple who owned the place.

    Yours truly acted as translator and my Spanish was pretty limited. We went back and forth between Garry and the couple, with me translating from Spanish to English and back again. After 45 minutes of this, I was ready to fall on my face but we seemed to come to a satisfactory conclusion. That’s when Garry decided to make sure that everything worked out by talking to a neighbor who knew more Spanish than I did.

    I got out of there as fast as I could; I was absolutely beat. Two days later, Garry informed me that all worked out and he got the place. He’s now been living there full-time, for over a year. Lucky dog. It’s a great place.

    garry relaxing

    One last shot of a relaxed man. Mexico has done wonders for him, as it did for many of us who came here. It certainly made a change in my life; for the better.

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