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    My Experiences of Healthcare in Mexico


    First off, this isn’t an intensive post on health care in Mexico, but a brief overview based on my experiences.

    Many people have expressed concern about the quality down here. In recent months I met an American who told me that I was lucky I didn’t catch anything when I went to a doctor for help, adding: “But it’s a 3rd world country, so what can you expect?” I felt that was an arrogant response so I asked him, “How many times have you been to Mexico?” He replied: “Never.”

    His response was typical of what I’ve been seeing and hearing as of late, people who let their opinions be formed by what they encounter in the press and don’t bother to check things out for themselves. The reality is often another story.

    In my opinion, the health care here is excellent and of high quality. Many of the doctors have been trained in the US but prefer to live and work here. In my experiences with the doctors and lab staff, I’ve found them to be courteous, compassionate and kind. The level of service is also excellent.

    As a case in point, when I was sick last winter, I visited the doctor at 9:00am and was sent to the lab the next morning. I had my results at o’clock. I picked them up, went back to the doctor’s office and was immediately shown in.

    In my experience the cost of medical services isn’t expensive at all. Here are some examples: One guy I know had emergency appendicitis surgery after it burst. He had a medical team of 7 people who operated on a weekend and a 1 week hospital stay. Total cost: $2,000.00

    I used the medical system 4 times last winter when I was sick. This included 2 doctor visits and 2 visits to the lab for tests. Total cost: $85.00. Since the cost of medical is so low, many people choose to self-insure, rather than pay premiums which could cost a lot more.

    If you do want travel insurance, check out Global Health Insurance. If you don’t stay in Canada or the U.S., the costs are much lower, about $1,800.00US/year. If you are traveling in Canada/U.S., the costs will be around $3,000.00/year.

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