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    Mexico’s Most Spectacular Dive Destinations


    Mexico ranks up there among some of the best places in the world to go diving, with a wide variety of dive sites to visit including the Great Mesoamerican Reef. If you are planning to go diving whilst on holiday in Mexico, be sure to visit one of these fantastic locations as you will definitely not be disappointed.


    Cozumel is widely considered to be the jewel of Mexico, and it’s on shore beauty is enough of a reason to visit this fabulous location, never mind the fact that it is also the best dive spot in the Caribbean. There are numerous dive schools in the area, and this is something that you will certainly want to spend a little bit of money on while there.

    Since 1996 the vast majority of the coral regions in Cozumel have been protected as part of the Arrecifes de Cozumel, and this helps to maintain its natural beauty and long-term health. The reef is an inspirational place to go diving or snorkeling, and when you have finished in the water, there are some fantastic historical Mayan sites to explore on the island including the temple of the fertility goddess Ixchel.

    Punta Nizuc

    One of the most popular beach and dive locations in Cancun is Punta Nizuc, which is located on the Yucatan peninsula. It offers divers access to see the amazing reefs, which are teeming with marine life and brightly coloured coral, and the waters are generally warm and calm, with average depths of around 30 meters. Some of the wildlife that can be experienced at Punta Nizuc include giant lobsters, barracuda, sergeant majors, groupers and manta rays, so be sure to take your underwater camera with you.

    Out of the water, Punta Nizuc is famous for its lively party atmosphere and bustling nightlife, making it a perfect location for younger divers looking for a good time.

    Puerto Morelos

    If you are looking for a low-key, charming Mexican town to visit for a more laid back and relaxing holiday experience, Puerto Morelos could be just the place. The dive spots are as good as any other along the coastline, and the reef runs closer to the shore here than in any other location, making it easily accessible.

    During the busy season, there are some great dive schools in operation that are renowned for being friendly and more affordable than in some of the more mainstream areas. This is really a location for those looking to get away from the crowded tourist zones in Cancun. Off season it is difficult to access diving instructors and equipment as many places shut down, so it’s worth doing a lot of research before visiting them.

    Puerto Vallarta

    On the west coast of Mexico, divers have a chance to see some spectacular sites as they take a plunge into the crystal clear pacific waters. Puerto Vallarta boasts a huge array of marine life in its waters including parrot fish, chubs, sturgeons, cornets, puffer fish, stingrays, eels, sea turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, and many more. If the idea of catching sight of some of these colorful critters grabs your attention book some time in a resort in this region.

    There are dive sites to suit all levels of competency in this region, and water conditions during the peak season are usually warm and safe. It is not uncommon for you to catch a glimpse of a whale during your boat ride to and from the dive site, and this can be the most exhilarating experience ever.

    Life is all about experiences, and the best way to spend your holiday money is to explore the superb waters of Mexico. Once you have finished diving, you can spend time exploring some of the historic and cultural sites in central America, and enjoying a taste of the lively and friendly Mexican culture.

    Beginners can attend one of the many top quality dive instruction schools to become familiar with their equipment in a safe environment, and those with the appropriate licenses can hire their equipment and get in the water straightaway. A diving holiday in Mexico really will be an unforgettable experience, in the water and out.

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