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    Melaque: 5 Minutes from Barra de Navidad


    There are buses servicing the small towns in this area. Some, like Melaque, are only five minutes away. Melaque is a much larger area than Barra and there’s a lot going on there. It reminds me a little of La Cruz, a town just north of Bucerias.

    I took a few highlight shots of this area, but I’ll admit I didn’t care for the place all that much. Many of the streets were dirt tracks, though some areas used paving stones and cobblestones. What really got my attention was the amount of dust, which seemed to be everywhere.

    melaque street

    One of many streets in this town.

    melaque el centro

    El centro (downtown Melaque).

    melaque el centro dolphin sculpture

    A sculpture to the west of the clock tower in the previous image.

    melaque restaurante

    A restaurant in Obregon, actually next door to Melaque. This place came highly recommeded. As luck would have it, I showed up in time for Sunday brunch.

    melaque brunch dish

    An excellent dish. Mahi Mahi in a sweet black bean sauce with rice, salad and coffee. It was excellent. The total bill, with tip, about 160 pesos. A great deal, in my opinion.

    melaque beach

    The beach at Melaque, looking north towards the center of town. You can see the faint outlines of what I think is a radio tower in the distance. Unlike Barra, the slope of this beach is somewhat gentler, making it easier to walk. The surf isn’t quite as large, either.

    As a reference, it takes about an hour to reach this town by walking on the beach from Barra. You could walk the beach back or take the bus. This jaunt is recommened for the early morning, before it gets too hot. Make sure you carry a bottle of water so you don’t get dehydrated.

    melaque beach

    Another shot of the Melaque beach, looking towards Barra de Navidad in the distance.

    melaque mosaic

    A mosaic pattern inlaid into the sidewalk, just up from the Restaurante Maya, going towards the highway.

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