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    Make Sure You Have Enough Pesos/Dollars When Driving


    In El Rosario we ran into another adventure, or in this case, a misadventure. We hadn’t loaded up on pesos in Ensenada and when we got to El Rosario we were running low. We had enough to pay for the hotel and dinner, but then realized we were almost out of money.

    Yours truly went to the front desk to find out where the bank was, only to find out that there was no bank in town – and no ATM’s, either. The only bank was in San Quintin (pronounced keenteen) and it was about 100km away, through some pretty rough territory.

    In addition, there was a PayPal option, but that was only for booking. Then, to make matters even worse, they accepted Amex, but the lines were down, so we couldn’t pay. They gave us our money back and said the problem would be resolved in the morning.

    No such luck.

    We were able to pay for dinner, but after pooling our resources we barely had enough for the room, which left us with $10.00USD.

    We spent $40 pesos of that topping up our gas tank (yup, couldn’t use the credit card again – Amex). This left us with about $6.50USD. Breakfast was out of the question, so we made do with our supply of cookies, coffee (no cream – ick!), nuts, etc.

    We figured we had enough with gas, etc. to make it to Guerrero Negro. We were right – just.

    When we got to the border between North and South Baja, we hit a checkpoint. At first I thought it was military, but it was an agricultural inspection station.

    And guess what? We had to pay a fee of 10 pesos. Thank God we had it, but that was cutting it close. I prayed we wouldn’t run into any more unexpected expenses. Thankfully, we didn’t.

    As luck would have it, Guerrero Negro was only 370 Km away and we made it there just fine, hit the local bank and checked into our hotel.

    We had our first and only meal of the day at around 3:00pm, then went for a walk and discovered a great coffee shop across the street by the name of Capricho’s. Great coffee at a good price, only $33 pesos for a large steamed milk and an Americano. Life was good again.

    The moral of the story? Make sure you have plenty of pesos. You never know when you’ll need them. It felt strange having money yet not having any access to it. We won’t do this again, I assure you.

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