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    La Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Mexico


    Well, it’s that time of the year again, La Semana Santa and La Semana Pasqua, a.k.a. "Holy Week," when all of Latin America is traveling. Got a favorite beach that’s nice and quiet most of the year ’round? Not this time. Chances are it will be choked with travelers from all over Mexico.

    Holy Week also attracts some tourists, as well, because in the view of many, "Nobody knows how to party like the Mexicans."

    It’s also a time when many of the big cities are almost deserted, since many people travel to the smaller towns. If you live in one of those towns, especially the beach towns, you need to be really careful.


    Lots of traffic. One time in Bucerias I nearly got myself run down a half dozen times during that week. Be careful out there.

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