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    Internet Service in Mexico: Part 2, TelMex


    Another service you can look into is TelMex and they will install Internet that works through your phone lines. Getting it wasn’t a picnic, though.

    Among other things, you cannot pay by credit card (unless it’s Mexican) and you have to get permission from your landlord to have it installed.

    In my case, not only did I have to get permission, I had to get a form filled out by my landlord and they wanted his ID and, believe it or not, a thumbprint. Fortunately, he had all that available and I was good to go.

    As for the service, you cannot buy just the Internet. You also have to buy a land line. The phone seems to be optional. I think you can buy it from somewhere else, but I’m not sure.

    After signing up for the initial service, you have to get a kit, which you’ll use to install the phone and Internet once the lines have been prepped. They’ll send out an installer in a few days who will make some adjustments to the phone jacks so that you can use both the phone and Internet.

    When you install it, you’ll use a splitter. You also have the option of using a LAN from the router to you computer, or you can use the built-in WIFI option, which is password protected.

    In actual use, I found that the service was so-so. It didn’t seem to be faster than Telecable and I found that the service dropped out many times (evidenced by a flashing red light on the router/modem).

    Sometimes, rebooting of the router/modem would solve the problem; other times I had to wait for the service to come back online. One time, I lost the service for the entire night, which was both frustrating and annoying.

    As for the phone, it worked, but now I was getting all sorts of calls from people I didn’t know. Many times I’d get a recorded sales pitch. It finally became so intrusive that I unplugged my land line and used either Skype or my cell phone.

    Overall, I didn’t like TelMex. Too many restrictions and spotty service. If available, I’d recommend another service. In my next post, I’ll talk about my favorite choice overall, available from telcel.

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