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    Internet Service in Mexico: Part 1, Telecable


    When I first arrived in Bucerias, some 5 years ago, I was faced with the issue of getting the Internet in my apartment.

    There were two options, Telmex, with a service similar to ADSL and Telecable, a new service in town. Since Telecable seemed similar to Shaw Cable in Victoria, I opted for that service.

    As it turned out, not only is the service similar, they use the same type of modem (Motorola), as well. I haven’t tested it to see how well it works, but all you would need to do is to sign up for the service, then, when they come to activate it in your dwelling, plug in the cable box.

    I was intending to do that in La Paz, but they have a different service here, known as Megacable. At this moment, I wouldn’t recommend using the service, partly because there are lineups around the block at their main office here and I have no idea why.

    Fortunately, there are other options, which I’ll discuss in other posts.

    Note: If you sign up for Telecable in Bucerias, you’ll need to know Spanish, especially when it comes time to get it installed. In my case, they found a translator in my building.

    That part was great, but the translator was a jerk who hit me up for mordida (literally, the bite, but here, it means bribe, or the little tip) to pay for his services.

    He even came around the next day, looking for more. (It cost me $550 pesos in total.) Unfortunately, there are some Mexicans who love to nail foreigners for money.

    Some of them seem to think the streets are paved with gold in Canada and the US. Due to a low level of education (in an number of cases), they don’t realize that many of the TV shows they watch aren’t real.

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