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    Internet in Mexico


    Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to use Internet in Mexico. Much of that has been in restaurants and hotels with WIFI. It’s not much of an issue except for the signal strength, which can be spotty at times. If you plan to stay in Mexico for any length of time, here are some Internet options:

    Telcel: This is an aircard that you buy from telcel. A $500 peso card will probably last a month, so long as you’re not downloading movies. If you are, you could use up all the data in a matter of hours. For normal browsing and email, it’s pretty good. Note that there are some range issues and the telcel card won’t work well in all areas. I found that out in La Paz.

    Movistar: This is another option. This is a bit tricky to get it to work on your computer (if you have Windows 7). You might need some tech support and from what I can see at Movistar, they’re very helpful. The download speed seems to be faster than telcel and you have a greater range to receive a signal.

    Your cell phone: You might be able to use your smart phone as a modem. I did this with my iphone by tethering. It worked well but there wasn’t enough bandwidth to allow me to make Skype calls. I had to use a cyber café for that.

    Note: You’ll need to make sure that your plan allows for tethering without extra charges, otherwise there could be a nasty surprise on your next phone bill.

    Freedom of mobility: With both aircards and your cell phone you have the freedom of mobility (assuming there’s a signal). You can also get pay as you go service, assuming you buy the aircard without a plan. This is my recommendation.

    Telmex: You can use this service for a hard wire connection. It comes with both a land line and Internet. You cannot get the Internet separately. I recommend you get the fastest speed possible.

    Telecable: This is the first service I used when I came to Mexico and I really liked it. It was similar to Shaw in Canada and I was even able to use the same cable modem box as in Canada. This is one of my favorite services and I recommend them, highly.


    Of all the services, I recommend the Movistar aircard if you intend to travel a lot, and mostly because of the range it offers. The second option, if you’re going to stay put is WIFI, if it’s available and the signal is strong enough. If not, check out Telecable. If it’s not available in your area, I recommend TelMex.

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