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    I Don’t Have Any Hola’s


    Learning Spanish can be quite a challenge. It’s even worse when you come to Mexico not knowing a word of the language. This happened to me many years ago and it was quite a humbling experience.

    It happened to my buddy (Roger) who shared his experience with a few of us one day. Roger decided to leave his native Manitoba and drive to Mexico on his motorbike. He, like me, didn’t know a word of Spanish and when he got to the border he was stuck there for four hours until all the paperwork was sorted out.

    During his time there, many people came up to him saying: “Hola,” “HOLA!,” “hola.”.

    He was mystified and thought: “Why are they saying that? I don’t have any hola’s.” At which point we cracked up laughing.

    Note: “Hola” means “hello.”

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