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    How to Stay Healthy in Mexico


    In an earlier article, I spoke about how to avoid getting sick in Mexico and I wanted to update that article with a few quick tips.

    One of the ways that people become ill is as a result of handling money. Sounds strange, right? The truth is, when you handle money you don’t know where it’s been and it could harbor all sorts of bacteria.

    When you handle money, don’t put your hands to your mouth afterwards and don’t eat before washing your hands. If you wash your hands frequently, your incidences of illness are likely to decrease.

    Another important thing is to consider where you buy your food, especially from street vendors. Make sure that the vendor has access to running water and is able to properly clean their utensils as well as their hands. Check for proper refrigeration, as well.

    And speaking of refrigeration, some of the older apartments will have a fridge that’s not frost-free, meaning that frost will build up in it from time to time and you’ll have to defrost it. If you don’t, the frost will build up to the point where it could cause a small air leak in the door seal. Your food will spoil and if you don’t realize what’s happened you can become quite sick. It’s happened to me.

    Finally, a good way to avoid illness is not to eat out too much. You never know where the food has been and how it’s prepared. This is one way that many people become ill.

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