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    How To Get Over Anyone In a Few Days


    In previous relationship articles I’ve talked about the process of building and sustaining relationships, but what do you do when a relationship ends? Many people, including myself have had a hard time recovering from breakups.

    I’ve wanted to know why and to see if there was a way to hasten the recovery process. As one might imagine, there are many sites devoted to breakups and recovery, but none were all that helpful. Many just repeated the same information in different forms.

    Then I discovered the site 2KnowMyself.com. On this site I found many articles and books about relationships and other issues. One of these was the book: How to Get Over Anyone In a Few Days.

    I bought it because I was having trouble getting over a breakup and the psychological pain was driving me up the wall. In the book, I learned that my problem had several causes. One of these was the lack of intimate friendships in my life (I only had the relationship).

    Secondly, there was the hope that the relationship could be revived. According to Farouk Radwan, author of the book, it is this hope that prevents people from recovering. Once you kill off all hope, you can recover quickly.

    I followed Farouk’s advice to the letter. It wasn’t easy but within a few weeks my emotions had decreased dramatically and I was able to recover. It startled me one day to realize I was no longer thinking of my ex. What a huge relief that was.

    If you’re suffering from a relationship breakup, I recommend How to Get Over Anyone In a Few Days.

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