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    How to Find the Best Travel Insurance Policy


    Travel insurance is one of the most important considerations for any traveler and is a must have. In this post (and video) we’ll look at a few options.

    While this video offers a few options there are two more I’d like to mention. One of these is if you’re traveling from Canada. This particular form of insurance comes from CARP (Canadian Association of Retired People). I’ve used their service many times in years past. Call them Toll Free at: 888-363-2279 to learn about your options.

    Another insurance provider is Global Health Insurance. I’ve used their service in years past as well.

    When choosing a policy, take your time. Always read the fine print and ask if you don’t understand something. Also, the cheapest policy might not be the best policy for you. It’s better to look for the coverage you need instead of shopping by price. This will help you in the decision-making process.

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