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    How to Deal with Roving Musicians (and Mariachi’s) in Mexico


    Tonight, I was out with my girlfriend and we went to dinner at a local restaurant. All was well until a roving musician came in. He, of course, came up to us to chat us up and see if we wanted to hear a song (we didn’t – if I hear La Bamba one more time I’m going to puke!!).

    Anyway, we politely declined and eventually he left, only to serenade another group on the other side of the terrace.

    That’s when I told my girlfriend of some rather snide ways of getting rid of these musicians.

    !. Can you play far away? Really, it’s a song….

    2. Can you play solo? So low we can’t hear you?

    I know, it’s not very nice, but sometimes ya’ gotta do something. I’ve never actually done it, but the thought’s been there….

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  • Joan, Vancouver, Canada

    Nathan, thanks for sharing your travels in Mexico. Really enjoy reading them. I’m 100% with you on the coffee – I carry my own equipment too. I’ll be heading to Mexico in March but on a cruise ship with 3 ports, Manzanillo, Ixtapa and Acapulco. I’ll be able to buy Mexican coffee to bring back. Keep on writing.

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