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    How to Deal With Fragrance Allergies in Mexico


    One of the down-sides to living in Mexico has to do with the powerful fragrances they use in soaps and detergents. If you’re sensitive to different fragrances and perfumes, a walk down the cleaning products aisle can knock you on your butt. This is my problem as well.


    When I first came to Mexico, I loved those scents but after a couple of years I suddenly developed an allergy to the smells and could no longer tolerate them. Interestingly enough, two of my friends also developed allergies at the same time.

    What made things worse was getting my clothes done at the local lavanderia’s (laundromats), where they routinely used fragrances when washing your clothes. In one case, they put fragrance in my clothing and I couldn’t stand the smell to wear them. And when I did try, my skin felt like it was crawling. Yuck!

    Here’s the solution to getting your clothes washed at a laundromat. Write these instructions on the ticket (boleto):

    No chloro – no bleach

    No suave scenta – no scent

    Sometimes there’s fragrance in the detergent – not much that you can do about that, but this is a good first step.

    As for soaps, stay away from most of the commercially available products. They reek of scents. One that I found to have no scent was: “Neutro GRISI hipoalergenico.” This soap is a great starting point. There are others, but you’ll need to check them out carefully.

    Sometimes the labels can be misleading. The best way to check is to open the package (if you can, and smell the soap).

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