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    How to Deal with Annoying Vendors in Mexico


    In Mexico vendors (vendedores) are a part of the landscape and you’ll run into them in many places, especially on the beach, where you’ll get hit up to buy various goods, such as silver, arm bands, t-shirts, hammocks and the like. And if you’re not interested, a simple “No gracias,” will suffice. But what do you with a persistent vendor?

    “No gracias” works eventually, but if you get sick of saying “No,” here’s another method in this video. And you’re going to have to watch it because it’s a visual technique. You’ll understand why, soon.

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  • Good Tip!

    I’m looking forward to trying it.

    I’m always intimidated by aggressive vendors in Mexico, and, not speaking
    Spanish, I hate visiting tourist traps.

  • I can understand how you feel about the tourist traps. Generally, you’ll find the time share sharks in many of the coastal towns, but not all. Some, like Barra de Navidad or La Paz, don’t have time share sharks. Others, like Playa del Carmen, Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta, do. If you don’t want to encounter the sharks your best bet is to stay off the main drag, but that’s where a lot of the fun is and the sharks know that.

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