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    How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico


    How not to get sick in Mexico.

    microdyn water bucerias

    This is a tiny bottle of Microdyn, a special soap mixture for washing your fruit and vegetables, which can be contaminated by pollution or pesticides. To clean the food, use 8 drops mixed with one liter of purified water (don’t use water from the tap, otherwise you defeat the purpose). After 10 minutes in this solution, rinse your fruit or vegetables (with more purified water) and you’re good to go.

    Another option is to simply buy a bottle of bleach and add one or two drops to the water to disinfect your food. According to my sources, it works equally well.

    water pump bucerias

    Purified water, which costs about 16 pesos, or about $2.00 Canadian. The strange device on top of this bottle is the pump. It’s a bit rickety, but it works.

    water truck bucerias

    One of the local water trucks.

    water bottles bucerias

    Closeup detail of the water bottles on the truck.

    vermox parasites bucerias

    The little pill that could. Designed to cure all instances of parasites. To be taken when you leave Mexico. According to the directions, one pill is all it takes.

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