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    How Magazines Pay for Your Work


    This is one of the most important areas in this section, because it will have a bearing on which publication you write for and when.

    Magazines pay for articles in three ways. These are:

    • By word
    • By page
    • By assignment

    I have worked for clients who use all of these methods. If you write for a magazine that pays by the word (say 25 cents per word) and you write a 1,000 word article, you just earned $250.00.

    If you write for a magazine that pays by the page (say $50.00 per page) and you write four pages, you just earned $200.00.

    Finally, there are magazines that pay a flat rate, say $500.00 per article (and they will tell you how many words they want in the article).

    The second thing you need to know is when the magazine will pay you. Like the section above, there are three main methods:

    • On submission
    • On acceptance
    • On publication

    The first method is my favorite way of being paid. When you submit your article you can also submit your invoice at the same time.

    The second method indicates that while the publication has received your submission, they still have to review it, edit it, and make corrections before they accept it. Once they do, you can expect payment.

    The third option is on publication. This is when the magazine has a spot in their editorial calendar for your article and will publish it at that time. If you work for publications that do this, be prepared for a long wait.

    Note: Even when a magazine accepts your work, it is unlikely you will receive payment immediately. Many magazines pay 30 days after receiving your invoice. Occasionally, it will take 60, 90 or 120 days to be paid. If this creates havoc with your cash flow, do not write for these publications.

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