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    Guadalajara: Hotel Ibis


    When I arrived in Guadalajara I hailed a taxi and was taken to the Hotel Ibis, which, according to Hotels.com, was only .8 Km away from Tlaquepaque, but as I found out the next morning it wasn’t even close.

    In reality, it was a 30 minute ride away. I was baffled. The same thing happened when I went to Austin (in an earlier post). In future posts, I’m going to examine this issue in more depth and figure out how to actually get a hotel where I want to be. Something is obviously wrong with the existing system, but I have no idea what it is.

    When I asked about web access, I was informed that they charged extra for it, something that wasn’t mentioned when I booked the room, even though it was listed as one of the amenities. The other thing that irked me was the price – $5.30US for an hour and you had to use the time within 24 hours or it would expire.

    mexico guadalajar hotel ibis

    My room at the Hotel Ibis.As you can see, it’s nothing to write home about. When I entered the hotel lobby, I was immediately put off by the smell in the air. There was an artificiality about it, as if it had been disinfected and the odor was mixed with other smells I couldn’t identify.

    My throat started to get sore and I knew I couldn’t stay there for long. A similar smell existed in my room and I opened the window to see if I could clear it out. It got better, but I noticed an ongoing air quality problem in the hotel and I was relieved I would only be there for two days.

    The hotel is into energy conservation in a big way, but to the point that I felt they were being both miserly and cheap, especially since my bill for two days was $140.00US.

    When I got there, I was in need of a shower, but when I went to turn on the lights, they wouldn’t work, so I had to use the light from the hallway. The other thing was the water flow was pretty poor, considering the quality of the hotel and the soap quickly fell apart in my hands.

    guadaljara hotel ibis

    After my shower I was still trying to figure out what was wrong with the electricity when I noticed this thing in near the front door. Essentially, you have to insert your key card into it and leave it there for the lights to work. After what I’d seen with the other extra costs I thought they were going to charge me for power and I was reluctant to use it. Still, I did so.

    guadaljara hotel ibis sunrise

    A sunrise view from my room the next morning before going out to explore Tlaquepaque and the downtown historical district.

    One last note about the hotel. When I checked out, I wasn’t charged for power, but for something else, a charity, but I didn’t notice it until after I’d paid the bill. That was the last straw. I’ll never stay there again.

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