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    Fear Mongering in the Canadian and American Press


    Since coming to Mexico (and even before that) there has been much fear mongering in the press about the dangers of living here, the ongoing drug war that has killed scores of people, the unpredictability of life and why you should avoid Mexico at all costs.

    It’s been quite effective. People have been staying away in droves. According to some of the business people I know down here, business is down by 60% or more and I keep seeing businesses close their doors, unable to weather the calm.

    Better that you stay away, or better yet, stay home, where it’s safe.

    What utter bullcrap!

    In reality, the murder rate in Mexico is at an all-time low, much lower in recent years than it has been. Also, the violence the media likes to portray is largely over the drug trade and most of that happens in certain border areas, but not everywhere.

    When we crossed at Tecate’, it was easy. In fact, it was so easy that it almost felt like nothing happened. One minute, we were in the U.S., the next minute we were in Mexico.

    When I first came to Mexico years ago I was bound up in extreme anxiety, a carryover from life in Canada. It’s something I’d noticed for years but I thought it was only me. Later, in speaking about it with friends, I discovered that some of them felt it too. I also felt it in my travels in the States, but to a lesser degree.

    When I arrived in Mexico for a long stay, many years ago, the anxiety persisted, lasting a week. Then one day, it was gone and didn’t return for the rest of my trip. When I returned to Canada, it hit me like a sledgehammer and the shock was almost unbearable. I nearly got on a flight to return to Mexico.

    Still, I stayed in Canada for the summer and returned to Mexico the following winter. I went through the same bout with anxiety, but it was much less. Within half an hour of arriving in Bucerias, I felt it let go. I got a mental image of my life in Canada turning into a still frame, rolling into a tube, slipping into an imaginary hole, and vanishing.

    That left me standing on the street in Bucerias and it felt like I’d never left. It was great to be back.

    And now, I feel the same way. In recent days, my girlfriend came up with an amazing realization. She said: “The reason that there’s so much fear in the press about Mexico is that these countries don’t want people to see how nice it is down here. They don’t want you to leave.”

    Fear is a very effective weapon, as I mentioned above. I only hope that if you’re reading this post, you might begin to see through all the manipulation in the press and begin to claim your freedom.

    Hasta luego.

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