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    Facing My Greatest Fears


    Well, it’s done. Last night was my first experience in sleeping without a home and all went well, partly due to contacting my old friend Nadhia, who explained how things work in and around Victoria.

    My major issue was worry concerned a potential encounter with the police, which proved unfounded. Nadhia explained that the overall vacancy rate in Victoria is quite low and many people have been forced to sleep in vehicles. As a result the police have eased up on rousing people. Knowing that helped me to calm down.

    The result was a good night’s sleep, though a bit cramped, partly because I have a small car and I’m a big man (6’4″). Still, all went well. I had to try out a couple of positions to find out what worked the best but overall, it was a success. That and finding a quiet and secluded place without much traffic by foot or vehicle.

    I want to do more research on safe (and free) camping spots around town. One article gave some great tips, one which was to visit RV and outdoor gear stores because they would be the best sources of this kind of information. When I know more, I’ll write about it.

    I decided to upgrade the plan for my smart phone (a Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and go for more minutes and a better data plan that would allow for tethering. This allows me to turn my phone into a modem and use it to connect to the Internet. This means I could get online from my car and not have to use a library or cyber cafe’.

    Another thing I did was to visit The Source, a local electronics store and buy a cigarette lighter adapter that offered a plug for my laptop and a USB connection so I could run both the laptop and charge my phone at the same time. I haven’t tested this out yet, though and when I do I’ll write about it in another post.

    When car camping it’s essential to have a “kit” of necessary items. One of these items is known as a “pee bucket,” to use if the “urge” strikes you in the middle of the night. I used a “pee bucket” many times in years past when I had a van.

    Last night I did the same thing with a water bottle which served the same purpose. This saved me from having to get out of the car in the middle of the night. I’d never done it this way before but it worked like a charm.

    Other challenges are condensation on the inside of the windows from breathing and what to use for bedding. At the moment, I have a heavy blanket and a couple of pillows. So far, so good. I might buy a sleeping bag at some point but I’ll work with this for now.

    © Nathan Segal


    Being homeless was one of the difficult times of my life. It forced me to face my worst pain and I also was able to see how I caused my own suffering. Once I began to say “Yes” to life, instead of “No,” my situation improved quickly.

    At this moment I’m on the road again, travelling.

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