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    An Experience At #50 Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias


    The landlord there is Norma Lopez Vasquez. The apartments are one room studios which are furnished but lacking in a few things such as counter space and a place to hang your clothing. I stayed there for three months and largely because I didn’t think I’d find anything else during high season.

    That said, I finally had had enough and moved out. Here were the issues I faced there:

    • The water pump to the apartments shut off repeatedly, leaving me without water. Eventually the pump was replaced, but late in the third month, the problem happened again.
    • It took three weeks to get a shower curtain.
    • I was only able to get hot water twice in the first month, a few times in the second month and most of the third month. Complaints had virtually no effect.
    • Lots of loud parties by my landlord and her family. No consideration whatsoever for me as a tenant. In fact, no one ever told me about the events or asked me how I felt. They just did what they wanted.
    • She had two dogs and they barked excessively at times, even late at night.
    • Quite often she invited over the neighborhood children who would shriek and yell outside my window, sometimes for hours.
    • The Friday market was held in the compound right outside my apartment. That was fine except when the Aztec dancers showed up with their loud drums, which forced me out my apartment every time. The noise was reminiscent of being inside a tin can with someone hammering on it.
    • At the end of the second month, just after I paid my rent, CFE cut Norma off for incorrect wiring and the whole compound was shut off. Some ten hours later, the compound was reconnected, but not my air conditioning, which I’d paid for. Instead she gave me a fan but for the entire last month, I had no a/c at all. Towards the end of my stay some days were really hot. The fan helped, but not enough.
    • And if that wasn’t enough, a couple of houses down were two small dogs which barked excessively, at damn near anything. They shrieked and howled when they barked, egging each other on. Sometimes the noise was unbearable.

    I have now moved and I’m really glad to be out of there.

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