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    The Effects of Food Poisoning


    Early this morning, I stood in silence on my porch in the predawn dusk, head bowed, hands in a prayer position against my forehead in silent gratitude, gratitude for still being alive.

    Last night I went out for dinner with Bety to a Chinese restaurant. All was well until I realized I was having trouble breathing and my lungs felt heavy, as if something was weighing me down. I knew I was in trouble and asked Bety to take me to a doctor.

    A short time later we wound up at an urgent care division of Farmacias Similares. After a short wait, I was able to see the doctor and, luckily for me, he spoke English. I told him what happened and he gave me a prescription. I visited the pharmacy next door, filled it and when I came back, the doctor gave me a shot to stop the allergic reaction and also to help heal my Laryngitis. Within a short time, I felt much better.

    The cost? A grand total of $181 pesos. $65 for the consultation and $121 for the medicine (4 different types), it was roughly $11 USD.

    Many tourists ask about travel insurance in Mexico. For many years I used it, then, after a discussion with my expat friends, I stopped.

    Now, I self-insure and the reason why is it’s a lot less expensive. Travel insurance would cost me $1,800USD/year, whereas to self-insure is nothing, unless I become sick or injured. Some might say I’m crazy to live this way, though one of the major reasons I came to Mexico is because life is a lot easier. Less governmental interference, fewer rules, a lot less expensive for many things and a lot more freedom.

    Muchisimas gracias to Bety for her quick thinking, to the people of Mexico for creating Farmacias Similares and to all the doctors and staff who work there. To all of you, I am grateful.


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  • Wow, must have been scary! At least it was quite cheap and you didn’t have to wait too long.

    PS: Did you get antihistamines?

  • I have to say I don’t know. I got a shot of something, but I have no idea what it was. All I know is my symptoms diminished quickly after that.

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