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    Drive to Calgary


    Two days later I was at it again. After a brief rest at C’s place, I decided to drive to Calgary. In years past I would have done it in a day, but now, being older and not in a hurry, I chose to make the trip in two days.

    My goal was to make it to Salmon Arm or Revelstoke. As it turned out, that was easy. I wound up in Salmon Arm at around 3:00pm and as much as I liked it there, it seemed a bit early stop so I decided to press on.



    By late afternoon I wound up in Revelstoke and as soon as I arrived, I knew it was where I wanted to stop for the night – but not in a hotel.

    One of the lessons of being homeless was learning how to sleep in my car. With my car it’s not the most comfortable but it does the trick. I found a spot in a church parking lot and crashed for the night. It took a while to get comfortable but I was able to make it work.

    One unexpected surprise was a heavy thunderstorm that night. Quite a bit of rain which cooled down the heat of the day and made for a decent night’s sleep.

    The next morning I was mobile at 5:30. I drove over to the local 7/11, gassed up, washed up and picked up a cuppa joe. Not much was happening at this hour so I drove around a bit, to get a feeling for the town, which I liked. I thought it might be a good place to spend part of a summer. That, and Salmon Arm.


    At 7:00am a restaurant opened and I stopped in for this concoction, which was a type of meat pie. Unfortunately, it didn’t agree with me and I felt a bit queasy after eating it.

    After brekkie, I got on the highway for the drive to Calgary, which took about 6 hours.

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