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    Downtown Bucerias


    An interesting boat that begged to be photographed in Northern Bucerias.

    boat bucerias
    El Chivero

    El Chivero, a restaurant in downtown Bucerias. The main claim to fame of this place was the price of its beer, which was 45 pesos for 5 beer (that was the price 2 years ago. That also included chips and salsa. The best deal in town. I don’t know what it is right now, but I’m willing to bet it’s similar.

    el chivero bucerias

    On the back side of El Chivero looking towards Punta de Mita

    El Chivero Vallarta

    El Chivero again, looking towards Puerto Vallarta.

    el centro bucerias

    Downtown Bucerias, looking towards the church.

    church tower bucerias

    The church tower in Bucerias. This tower (and the clock at the top) represent an interesting issue here. Bucerias is actually in the state of Nayarit, whereas Puerto Vallarta is in the state of Jalisco. No big deal, right? Where the issue comes into play is that Bucerias is actually on Nayarit time, one hour behind Puerto Vallarta.

    So when you go to meet someone, you have to check and see if the meeting on Vallarta time or Nayarit time. Not checking can make for some interesting screwups (it’s happened to me). In contrast, if you go five minutes away to La Cruz, they’re definitely on Nayarit time.

    paseo del beso

    The sign above the alley reads: “Paseo del beso,” and shows an image of a couple kissing. This the main road to downtown Bucerias, but it’s for pedestrians only. It’s also right next to the arroyo. As you walk towards the end in the distance, you’ll see many vendors lining the passageway.

    tortas korita

    Tortas Korita y Tacos del Rin. Great food for an incredibly low price, just north of downtown Bucerias, roughly two blocks on the main drag. The retaurant is outdoors, actually on the road itself and wraps around the corner of a large building.

    It only opens around 6:00pm, but the food’s worth it. A meal like this one, including a drink and condiments is about 40 pesos (about four bucks). One of my favorite hangouts.

    miguel angels

    Miguel Angel (literally Michael Angel’s) restaurant. I met him four years ago when he was operating the Capri, located on the beach. This is his new place and the food is moderately priced, and excellent. Nightly entertainment (usually one or two singers) is provided.

    marcos hotel

    The landing on the third floor at Marco’s Place, where I had to move after only 3 nights at the Hotel Palmeras (they didn’t have any more room).

    marco's place bedroom

    My bedroom at Marco’s Place. The room was small, but reasonably comfortable with a bar fridge and 2 burner gas stove. The price was good too, only $550.00 pesos (about $50.00/night).

    marco's fan

    An oddity at Marco’s place, a fan mounted on the ceiling. It doesn’t look like much of anything but it pivots on a base when running and projects the air to all corners of the room. An unusual idea, like so many I’ve seen in Mexico.

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