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    Day 2 of Driving the Baja California Highway


    Day 2 of our Baja trip. While the day dawned relatively clear, we ran into torrential rain between here and El Rosario. The rain was so bad at times that even on the high setting, it was hard to see out of the windshield.

    In addition, there was a lot of flooding and more than once, small streams crossed the road, carrying red earth and bits of rocks with them.

    We encountered rain made lakes on the road due to the rain and had to drive through them carefully. Some drivers didn’t do so and created huge walls of water (they could have given lessons to Moses). One guy drove through a lake – too quickly – and nearly spun out.

    We encountered one major accident where an 18 wheeler lost its traction and the whole back end slid off the road. It remained upright and no one seemed be hurt.

    We nearly wound up with a problem of our own, though, going around it. We had to go partway off the road and I heard an awful metallic scraping from underneath my car. Thankfully, nothing was damaged.

    Later on, just before a military checkpoint, we came around a corner, only to find a semi that took the corner too fast. It had fallen on its side and had smashed open. I could see several people transferring out the goods from the trailer to another truck. Despite the damage, it seemed no one was hurt.

    On this route there are many small towns with a gazillion topes (speed bumps). You’ll see a warning which reads like this: “Disminuya su velocidad” (reduce your speed). followed by several other signs of 60 and 40 Km/Hr. Then you’d hit several small speed bumps, followed by a big one at the end.

    Topes are very effective for speed control. You don’t want hit these at a good rate of speed or you could leave your axle behind. And to put this in perspective, I think we hit about 400 topes (no, I’m not exaggerating) between Ensenada and El Rosario.

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