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    Travel Dating: What Women Find Most Attractive About a Man


    Many men think that women are most concerned with status, money, position, etc. In reality, what women like are:

    1. A sense of humor

    2. Self-confidence

    While a sense of humor is important, it’s not about making crass jokes that can offend the other person; rather it’s an ability to be funny and have fun with your date. This is a learned skill, which can be developed over time. As an example, in the seduction community, men practice certain humor routines to get (and keep) a woman’s attention, which works in many cases. Still, there has to be more substance to the man other than a few routines. After 20 minutes or so, the show ends and so could the date unless the man has something else to back it up.

    Self-confidence is important, but too much can come across as arrogance, which is self-defeating. It’s more important to be comfortable with yourself. If you are, that will make a world of difference. Self-confidence with a great sense of humor is a winning combination.

    What Men Find Most Attractive About a Woman

    Men tend to be visual in their orientation. Probably the first thing a man notices about a woman would be her smile and if that reaches her eyes, even better. Next, he’ll look at the rest of her face, and finally what she’s wearing. Men like to be around a woman who takes pride in her appearance.

    Like women, men appreciate a woman who has a good sense of humor, is lively and radiates confidence. Another great quality is if a woman is naturally sexy. Such a woman will have no shortage of male admirers.

    A Word about Internet Dating Sites

    Dating sites are great way to meet someone new, partly because you can try out different approaches. If one approach doesn’t work, do something else, either with the same person or with someone new.

    One caution: Be careful of spending a lot of time in Internet Message (IM) chat, email or phone conversations as a way of developing a relationship. This is not a substitute for real life.

    More often than not, people develop relationships this way, then meet and discover they have little, if anything in common.

    Real life is the ultimate pass or fail, so the sooner you meet, the better.

    © Nathan Segal

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