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    Dangers and Annoyances


    One of the things you’ll encounter on the streets in Mexico are these open electrical boxes on the sides of homes and businesses. And of course, one of the things that will cross your mind will be: “Is this thing live?”


    My answer?

    Probably. I don’t recommend that you put your hand in there to find out. You might wind up meeting your maker sooner than expected.

    And speaking of these open boxes, sometimes they’re only protected with a plastic cover, which is easy to remove.

    I’ve seen vendors do this all the time and jack into the power with exposed wires. It’s a bit tricky. You could get a short if you’re not careful. And yeah, I know about the power stealing issue, but that’s what happens down here.


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  • Wow!

    I’ve heard that the main reason for the switch to Smart Meters in BC was to circumvent power theft.

    Do they leave things like that when the meter reader comes by?

    Maybe some mordida is involved.

  • I don’t have the slightest clue about that. I have seen vendors on the street openly tapping into power lines above their heads. In another place, people had rented an office but the power wasn’t connected. They simply pulled off the plastic cover and spliced the connections with wire and we had lights. It seemed like a relatively common thing to me.

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