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    Dangers and Annoyances: Sidewalks


    The sidewalks in Mexico can be very unpredictable, as you’ll see in this video. Some are downright dangerous and you really have to watch your step. I found this to be generally true as I traveled around Mexico; some places were more dangerous than others.

    I took a flyer a few times, tripping over cracks and the like, as did Laura. One important item that I recommend for your luggage is a flashlight. At night it can be difficult to see on some streets and you’ll need the flashlight to negotiate the sidewalks.

    In some cases, it’s either been so difficult to see or the sidewalks have been so bad that I’ve simply given up and walked out to the road, which is much more even, generally. Of course you have to watch out for cars, but that’s life.

    Fortunately, it’s not all that bad all the time. There are many areas I’ve not filmed in this video that are uniformly flat and easy to walk on, just not always.

    At the end of this clip you’ll see a couple of still shots of the Malecon in La Paz, which is the pride and joy of everyone here. The Malecon is 5KM long and as you’ll see in one of the closeups, it’s constructed entirely of tiles, roughly 8 inches square over the entire length.

    It’s quite an engineering achievement and is enjoyed by all. It’s not uncommon to see pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, skaters and others sharing this beautiful walkway. It’s one of my favorite spots.

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