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    Computer Disposal Issues: When Your Computer No Longer Serves You


    Eventually there will come a time when you need to dispose of an old or outmoded computer. Before you do so, there are some precautions you need to observe. Not heeding this can make your old computer a treasure trove for thieves.

    Step 1: Save all important files to an external storage device, like an external hard drive or a CD-ROM. Another option is to transfer the data directly to a new computer.

    Step 2: Use software to “wipe” your hard drive clean. You can get this software online or in computer stores.

    Note: As a caution, if your drive contains sensitive data, it would be wise to wipe the drive repeatedly to destroy the old data. (Be aware that wiping programs vary in their effectiveness, as well.)

    If you’re concerned that it’s not enough, it would be wise to remove the hard drive and destroy it completely. One very effective way of doing so is to drill holes through the hard drive.

    Step 3: Once your computer has been “cleaned,” you can dispose of it. If necessary, sell it without at hard drive. This, of course, will reduce it’s value and it will also protect your security, which is of great importance in this day and age.

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