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    Celebrating My Birthday on the 3rd Day of Driving the Baja California Highway


    Today was a special day – my 51st birthday. And I decided to celebrate by continuing our journey down to Loreto.

    On leaving Guerrero Negro, we wound up on a long, flat stretch of highway. Needing to use the ‘loo, we stopped near a roadside business and made use of a couple of really primitive outhouses, but thankfully they were there.


    In another area, we stopped at a resting place, basically a wide shoulder made for that purpose. It was amazingly still. Absolutely quiet. Not a sound from anything, no machinery, birds, nothing at all. The only thing I could hear was the sound of the wind over my ears and that was it.


    One thing we saw repeatedly was litter. The most common thing was pieces of tires or whole tires left by the side of the road. In one spot there was a lot of trash, mostly cardboard boxes.

    Occasionally we’d see some really unusual things, especially when it came to fencing. In one area, we saw cardboard boxes that had been turned inside out and tied together. Other times we saw many sticks lashed together and even pieces of old pallets.

    Our first glimpse of the Sea of Cortez came just north of Santa Rosalita. We were on a steep downhill mountain pass, behind several Mexican drivers who really pushed the limits. Not only was a lot of tailgating going on; one guy acted like he was trying to break the sound barrier with his truck.

    Things didn’t look good when an 18 wheeler in front slowed down in front of him and he was forced to get in line. I was sure he would try to pass, but he didn’t – thankfully. It could have created a major accident if he did.

    Getting down to the bottom of the hill, we wound up in Santa Rosalita and made a much needed gas and bathroom stop. We also found out about a great bakery here from my friend Dennis, but we were both too tired to search for it. We just wanted to get to Loreto and call it a day.

    As we came down the side of the mountainous area, it opened into several valleys. What was most striking were the various forests of cactus, shimmering with different shades of green. It was breathtaking.

    I was unable to take it in the way I wanted to, due to driving, but it was amazing all the same.

    I felt very much at home in this place that I’d never seen before, then again, I felt very much at home in La Paz last winter, too. Perhaps it had to do with growing up in a semi-arid place (Calgary, Alberta).

    As with the other days of this trip, we encountered a lot of rain, which made driving difficult, but we made it through. When we got to Loreto, we’d finally emerged from the rain and the skies were a beautiful blue, with patchy cloud.

    It was only a day or two after we got to Loreto, that we found out that several bridges had been washed out behind us. Had we been there, we’d have been stranded.

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