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    Casinos in the South Pacific


    Most of the casinos to be found in the South Pacific are in the big countries like Australia and New Zealand, but you can also find the odd excellent one on the smaller islands.

    Australia – The Adelaide Casino

    There are more casinos in Australia than any other part of the South Pacific – as you would expect – but the one in Adelaide stands out through its combination of historic interest and great modern casino gaming. It is located inside the railway station, although you don’t have to worry about being flattened by a train, as it is in a disused part of the station. The façade of the building is listed for its architectural merit, and makes for an appealing contrast with the cutting edge selection of games in the modern casino within.

    New Zealand – The SKYCITY Hamilton

    This is one of three SKYCITY casino complexes in New Zealand, and like the others, it provides you with top notch games selection together with a whole host of other ways of spending your time and your money. In the case of the one in Hamilton, this means a bowling alley with ten lanes, a megazone and a computer games centre – making it the sort of South Pacific casino that is ideal for visiting with the whole family. New Zealand has also been caught up in the craze of online casinos as of late, with sites such as www.mobilecasino.co.nz taking advantage of the boom in online gaming.

    Vanuatu – The Palms Casino

    This casino on the small island of Vanuatu has the same name as a much larger one in Las Vegas – but despite not quite being a match for that Palms in terms of size, it still has plenty to offer casino-crazy visitors. Situated within a hotel on the island called Le Meridien, it has a wide selection of table games – all of which use Australian gambling rules – as well as swimming pools, restaurants and a golf course. You can also play at the casino using any international currency, making it ideal wherever you are travelling to the South Pacific from.

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