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    Bus Trip to Guadaljara


    As mentioned in a previous post, I decided to take the bus to Guadalajara. This time, though, I booked my fare with ETN, which boasts a fleet of luxury buses with a wide assortment of comforts, as well as a lunch. Well, the lunch was nothing to write home about, since it was just the choice of a soft drink or water, a small tub of yoghurt and some cookies.

    The bus, though, lived up to it’s advertising. It was roomy and comfortable, easily the best bus I’d ridden on since arriving in Mexico. Also, as advertised, the bus went from station to station (and didn’t do roadside pickups as with Primera Plus).

    At some stops it was possible to get off the bus and grab something to eat or drink and I took adavantage of that opportunity. Using the washroom was still a challenge, but at least this bus had services in place, which made a big difference. Still, it wasn’t the most comfortable experience. It’s a balancing act, among other things.

    When I booked this trip, I had the option of stopping for a few days at Colima, a city in close proximity to an active volcano. Not being fond of the idea of being close to something as potentially dangerous as that, I decided to give the location a cheerful miss. I knew the bus was going to stop at Colima to take on passengers, but I wasn’t thinking much about the volcano.

    colima volcano

    Here it is, in the distance. How far away was difficult to tell, but it was pretty hazy. I had to do a fair bit of image retouching (with PHOTO-PAINT) so it would show up as well as it does. Note the plume emanating from the top.

    The volcano was a huge dominating presence that was in view for about half an hour as we drove up the highway.

    colima volcano diffent angle

    Here’s another view from a different angle.

    toll highway

    The entrance to a toll highway. These highways are truly excellent. They are kept in a good state of repair and there are many services along the way. They are as good as the highways we have in Canada, if not better. I’ve driven on them in years past and I was very impressed.

    guadalajara billboard

    Coming into Guadalajara was a bit of a disjointed affair. The roads seemed to twist all over the place. More than once, it seemed like we were doubling back from somewhere else. It was impossible to get my bearings. To pass the time, I started taking snapshots of billboards along the way.

    guadalajara billboard take your vitamins


    guadalajara billboard

    When I saw this one, I nearly started laughing.

    guadalajara airport

    A quick snapshot of the Guadalajara airport. Not long after this, we made our way to the bus station and from there, I got a taxi to my hotel, but that’s the subject of another post.

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