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    Bots (Botnet) & Zombie Army


    This scam begins with spammers searching the Internet for unprotected computers. If they find one, they can take over control of that machine and use it to anonymously send spam and create a robot network, or “botnet.” Another name for this is “zombie army.” A botnet consists of hundreds or thousands of hijacked computers sending millions of messages.

    If your computer isn’t protected by security software it’s a likely target. This allows spammers to install malware (a combination of viruses and/or spyware) onto your machine. Malware can show up in a variety of places, such as free software applications online, file sharing programs, etc. Sometimes, even visiting an infected site can trigger a “drive by download” which will install malware on your computer and turn it into a “bot.”

    Even email can be a target. If you click on an attachment from someone you don’t know, it could contain malicious code. Also, malicious code can be contained in an image. Even if the messages appear to be from someone you know, it’s wise to be cautious since some messages can be spoofed (it’s happened to me).

    It’s critically important to have quality antivirus and anti-spyware software installed. Not doing so could put you at grave risk.

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