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    When Direct Isn’t Direct: Be Careful When Booking Your Next Flight


    This is something that just happened to me this morning, on a flight with Alaska.

    It began when I called Alaska to upgrade my ticket and found out I couldn’t afford the change. Then, guess what I found out? My flight isn’t direct from San Jose to Seattle, despite what I saw on their web site when I booked the ticket. It stops to pick up passengers in San Diego.

    I was really choked when I found out. I asked for a supervisor and gave them sh1t for being deceptive in their flight information. There’s no way I’d have bought the ticket if I’d known that. As compensation, I was given a window bulkhead seat. It was the best I could get.

    I’ve heard about airline horror stories as of late, lots of them. I never imagined I would become one of them. Fortunately, I was really choked, let it show, told them off for their deception and received some compensation.

    I used to like Alaska, though they really lost my respect with this stunt. If I hadn’t called them to upgrade my ticket I wouldn’t have found out until the day of my flight.

    This happened to me once before with AeroMexico. The flight information indicated that it was direct, but that wasn’t true. The flight stopped to pick up passengers along the way.

    For my current journey, other Alaska flights listed stops where you would change planes along the route, but if you’re on a flight that stops to pick up passengers, Alaska indicates that as being a direct flight. I disagree.

    Direct should be as advertised. No stops to get passengers. That’s misleading, deceptive and it’s a practice that needs to stop.

    Next time you book a flight, watch out for this deception.

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