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    Barra de Navidad: The Lagoon


    In this posting, we’re going to have a look at the lagoon, to the south and east of Barra de Navidad.

    barra de navidad lagoon

    The beginning of a tour into the lagoon at around 7:00am. If you go on this tour, it costs about 200 pesos. Make sure you bring a warm jacket because it gets quite cold on the water (I wore my heavy fleece jacket – I really needed it this morning.

    barra de navidad island

    A small island. It’s tough to see, but those white dots in the distance are birds. I wanted a closer shot, but the light wasn’t enough for my camera.

    barra de navidad grand bay hotel

    On the far right, just past the Grand Bay hotel is a harbour, where all sorts of boats (mostly large yachts) are moored.

    barra de navidad lagoon

    Rounding the island, we enter an area where people have anchored their boats.

    barra de navidad lagoon wreck

    Further around the island, you can see the wreckage of a boat in this area. Note the pelicans perched on it.

    barra de navidad canals

    At the north end of the lagoon is a collection of canals were a large cluster of homes have been built.

    barra de navidad hotel delfin

    It’s tough to see in this shot, but the Hotel Delfin (where I’ve been staying) is visible in the distance from the canals.

    barra de navidad lagoon sunrise

    Sunrise on the lagoon, a pretty sight.

    barra de navidad lagoon boat docks

    Arriving back at the docks. Note the color of the buildings, courtesy of the morning sun.

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