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    Barra de Navidad: Some Extras


    Wandering around Barra, I started to get a feeling for some of the ongoing events. One of these was the flea market, which takes place every Thursday and where a large part of town, including the central square, is used for this purpose.

    barra de navidad street signs

    One of many photos of the public market. In these places, I find that all sorts of stuff is for sale, from what appear to be bootleg records and videos, to electronics and parts for your gas stove. Every once in awhile, something really odd turns up.

    washroom sink in toucan fredy's puerto valarta

    A different type of mouse/rat trap that relies on some sort of an adhesive to trap them, rather than your usual trap.

    puerto vallarta city bus

    Additional instructions are on the back.

    click frames

    A different type of reading glasses; I believe they’re called, “clic frames,” (and no, that’s not a misspelling). When I first saw them, I started laughing and was teasing the guy about how I didn’t think his glasses were of much use to him.

    barra de navidad grand bay hotel

    That’s when he brought the middle pieces towards each other and I heard a snap, as they clicked together, using magnets. Apparently, you can order these frames online.

    Barra de navidad hotel delfin rooftop view

    In the spirit for Valentine’s Day in downtown Barra de Navidad.

    barra de navidad hammock

    A great use for a hammock.

    george bush fans

    For all who enjoy having a poke at George Bush.

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