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    Barra de Navidad Beaches


    Barra de Navidad is situated on a long peninsula that forms a natural breakwater. As you get close to the Grand Bay Hotel across the water, you can see the channel formed by the water as it travels behind the peninsula. On the side facing the ocean, the shoreline is pretty steep, causing some fairly large waves, and makes this area a good spot for surfers.

    It also creates a strong undertow, according to one local, who doesn’t recommend swimming on this side, as it can be quite dangerous. If you want to swim, she advises, it’s better to swim on the lagoon side where the waves are much smaller.

    In this section, I’ll take you on a short visual tour of the beach facing the ocean. In another posting, you’ll see what avialable in the lagoon area.

    barra de navidad beach south

    A view south on the beach towards the peninsula.

    barra de navidad beach view

    A snapshot of the beach taken from one of the restaurants on the ocean side.

    barra de navidad beach north

    Another view of the beach looking north, photographed from the peninsula. Note the quality of the sand, which is almost perfect. Higher up there’s some debris, but at the water’s edge it’s almost pristine.

    barra de navidad keep the beach clean sign

    A sign at the entrance to the peninsula park asking people to place their garbage in the waste receptacles provided and maintain the cleanliness of the beach.

    barra de navidad lagoon

    At the entrance to the lagoon, just past the south side of the tip of the peninsula.

    Barra de navidad hotel delfin rooftop view

    Going deeper into the lagoon, just outside of the peninsula park. More of the lagoon will explored in the next posting.

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