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    Arrival in Bucerias



    It’s been many years since I’ve updated this page but I wanted to do so regarding some of my friends. Further down this page you will see some photos of people in my Spanish class. I wanted to give you an update on all of them.

    First off, Mimi and Werner were only there for one winter. After that, I never saw them again. The same goes for Karla, our teacher. I don’t know if she is in Bucerias or not. As for the other two members, one of my friends told me that Roger died a few years ago but I’ve been unable to confirm that and partly because I don’t know his last name. If any of you readers know of his whereabouts, please write to me and I’ll post the update. As for Gary, he, unfortunately, died last June (2013) of ALS. My great regret was not making it back here before that happened.

    A view from the top of the Red Apple restaurant, taken on the morning of January 28th, the day after I arrived in Bucerias.

    Red Apple Restaurant

    The Red Apple is located along Lazaro Cardenas, the main street in this part of town which goes to a bridge that leads into the town square.

    Red Apple View

    Another view from the Red Apple, looking towards the ocean.


    A self-portrait at the Red Apple. Note the glaringly white skin tone (according to my friend Gary), a sure sign of a foreigner in Bucerias.

    Hotel Palmeras

    The entrance to the Hotel Palmeras, where I stayed when I arrived in Bucerias. The lobby of this hotel is a beautiful affair, filled with heavy duty, but comfortable furniture. It’s open on both ends, allowing the breeze to blow straight through, keeping the lobby nice and cool.

    The day that I arrived, it was 95 degrees and with the humidity it felt like 112. I thought I was going to melt. Fortunately, the temperatures have been cooler and more comfortable for the last 3 weeks.

    Update: The hotel has gone through a renovation and now has some beautiful new suites behind the pool.

    Pay Phone Bucerias

    A typical Mexican public phone in Bucerias. What makes these phones unusual is that they don’t take coins. They only work with phone cards that slides into a slot near the bottom right of the handset. A 25 minute phone card costs 100 pesos (approximately $10.00 USD).

    A closeup of the card reading slot of the previous phone image. Contrary to what you might have heard about the Mexican phone service, these phones work really well and in my experience, the connection is crystal clear. Many times my friends commented: “You sound like next door.” Not quite….

    Fence Northern Bucerias

    A doorway on the northern side of Bucerias. This is a lovely area of town. No cobblestones here, but interlocking paving stones instead. These are much easier on the feet and quieter when driving. On the down side, it’s more expensive here and stores are sparse. If you want to shop, you have to go downtown orto Puerto Vallarta.

    A detail shot of the wall from the previous image.

    Fence Bucerias

    An example of the brickwork in a wall on this northen end of Bucerias. I love this type of architectural detailing.

    plant Northern Bucerias

    Don’t ask me what this plant is but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s beautiful (northern Bucerias).

    Spanish Class Cafe' Magana Bucerias

    My buddies from Spanish class as we have dinner at the now defunct Cafe Magana, which just closed. From left to right, Mimi, Gary, Karla (our teacher), that guy, and Roger.

    Cervesa, anyone?

    arch bucerias

    A peaceful waterfront shot off to the left of Lazaro Cardenas on the south side of Bucerias.

    arch bucerias

    A closeup of the ocean through the arch. Doesn’t that water look inviting?

    mangos bucerias

    Mango’s in Bucerias.

    iguana bucerias

    The real “Iggy Pop,” sunning himself on a wall in Bucerias.

    iguana bucerias

    Quite a handsome specimen, isn’t he?

    iguana bucerias

    Old Iggy, turning his back on me, and just before disappearing into the shadows.

    Billy billy's gym bucerias

    Billy, owner of Billy’s Gym. As stated in his advertising, it’s definitely the best gym in Bucerias. A close examination of this town will reveal that it’s the only gym in Bucerias. When I shared that with Billy, we had a good laugh. He’s quite a character. Among our commonalities, we share a love of commercials, especially the old Cal Worthington spots.

    billy's gym bucerias

    An interior shot of Billy’s Gym. It’s not the latest and greatest equipment, but it works, it’s close by and saves one the hassle of driving to Vallarta for a workout. Having said that, Gold’s gym in Vallarta is one of the best equipped that I’ve ever seen, but it’s expensive. At Billy’s you can get a three month membership for $60.00 pesos, about $70.00 Canadian.

    bycycle vendor fresh shrimp bucerias

    One of the local vendors in Bucerias. The cooler on the back of this man’s bike contains fresh shrimp, which he sells all over town.


    On the road to downtown Bucerias. In the middle of the image, you can just make out the foot bridge the crosses the arroyo and takes you to downtown. On the far right, you can see Los Chatos. They make great coffee and desserts. Note: Lost Chatos has moved to the other side of the highway. The new restaurant is now called, “The Coffee Cup.”

    internet cafe' bucerias

    An Internet cafe in Bucerias. The price at this cafe is $20.00 pesos/hour, which is pretty good. Other cafes are even less. These places were a godsend to me while I was getting settled here. In truth, you can get high speed Internet connectivity in your home or apartment using TeleCable or Prodigy. The only problem is the time frame. I waited two weeks before it was installed and was getting pretty frustrated by the manana effect. It finally happened, largely because I met a well-connected man in town who knew the installers. I had to pay out some mordita (literally meaning – the bite) or bribes, to the installers and to a man in my building who acted as an interpreter. The cost? Approximately $55.00 dollars, but it was worth it. I was up and running that day. Since then (to quote one of my friends), I’ve become a firm believer in corruption.

    la cocina de jorge - Jorje's Kitchen - bucerias

    Jorge’s restaraunt. Good food at a low price (on the average, about $40-50.00 pesos for a meal and coffee).

    Jorje's bucerias

    An interior shot of Jorge’s restaraunt. Jorge (a jolly man with a great sense of humor) is standing at the back on the right side.

    karen's place bucerias

    Karen’s Place as seen from the beach. One of my favorite hangouts. They have an excellent menu and I’m on good terms with Poly, one of the waiters, who has helped me on occasion with my Spanish.

    karen's bucerias

    Another shot of Karen’s as seen from the courtyard of the Costa Dorada hotel.

    karen's interior

    An interior shot of Karen’s restaraunt.

    foot wash bucerias

    Where to clean your feet after walking on the beach. In the courtyard of the Costa Dorada hotel.

    medico bucerias

    The medical doctor’s complex in Bucerias. I paid many visits here during the course of my trip.

    punto onze bucerias

    Another one of my hangouts, Punto Onze. This restaraunt is only a few doors away from Los Chatos.

    Update: They had to move the last time I was here. I haven’t seen them since and I have no idea where they are now.

    roots bucerias

    Roots, an excellent gourmet vegetarian restaraunt in Bucerias. I had many an excellent meal there.

    Update: Roots is gone, due to some problems with the landlord. They were going to reopen but something went wrong and it never happened.

    scott's tours best prices in bucerias

    Scott, owner of a tourist information booth in Bucerias. A friendly dude, Scott has a droll sense of humour and has cracked me up many a time with his travel stories.

    scott's bucerias

    Scott’s tourist information booth.

    Update: Scott’s Travel has moved down the street to a larger location. My recommendation is that you stay away from this location as it’s now operated by the time share sharks. Don’t go there as you’re likely to be ripped off.

    scott's tours bucerias

    A fine example of Scott’s humor.

    atos bucerias

    The Atos, an inexpensive Mexican car that you can buy for about $6-7,000.00USD. It has air conditioning factory installed.

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  • Bill(Billy’s gym) used to build homes for me in Redding CA, he is truly a great guy and a good friend. His boys train dolphins at the aquarium too, between surfing days.

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