• Jan

    Arrival in Anaheim, Califonia


    After navigating my way out of the whiteout, I wound up driving into Los Angeles. It was raining that night and driving wasn’t a picnic.

    economy inn anaheim

    Still, my GPS unerringly directed me to my hotel. Getting into my room, I wasn’t pleased. The place was old, with discolorations on the lamps, worn furniture, etc. Worse was the musty smell, which was very strong.

    My recommendation? Don’t stay here unless you’re really stuck. It’s good point? An excellent Internet connection. Contrary to what you might think, hotels don’t necessariy carry Internet or even wireless. Some even charge you for the service above and beyond the cost of your room. That’s pretty cheeky, in my opinion.

    The Economy Inn parking lot the next morning. One other thing, the rooms were private, which I appreciated, but for the most part, I was in Anaheim to visit my cousin Kevin, who I hadn’t seen in many years.

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