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    Apartment Rentals in La Paz (and Other Parts of Mexico)


    I wanted to write a bit more about this since many people are looking for rentals. Generally, when I want to rent an apartment I use one or a combination of the following methods.

    1. I get a cheap hotel in the place for a few days and start looking around once I arrive. I put the word out in the hotel where I’m staying, in cafe’s and Internet cafe’s. Of course, I also look at the local listings by walking around and calling people.

    2. I scour the Internet looking for rentals in the place of my choice. That can be hit and miss, because many great listings won’t be advertised, hence my preference for the method above. Also, if you do find a place, don’t put down any more than $100.00.

    If the place isn’t what you wanted, it’s no problem to move on, but if you laid out a large chunk of cash and it’s not what you want, you could be stuck with it. Bear in mind that there are many unscrupulous landlords out there. Protecting yourself is number one.

    3. Internet Discussion Groups. This is by far my favorite method. In the La Paz, there’s a group known as the La Paz Gringo’s on Yahoo. To join, you need a Yahoo account. The group is a gold mine of resources, including rentals.

    The last time I wanted a rental (my current apartment), I put a request on the La Paz Gringo’s group. I received several replies and went to check one out. At the time, I didn’t recognize the name of the man who wrote to me, until I got to the apartment.

    When me and my girlfriend got there, we were alone. After awhile a small red 4×4 pulled up and a man got out. I recognized him as someone I met a year before. I took one look and said: “It’s you.” He looked at me and said, “Yes, it’s me.” And we all started laughing. At that moment, I knew I was in good hands. It can be this simple for you, as well. Keep an open mind and ask questions. You’ll find a good place.

    Questions? Write to me.

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