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    Another F*cking Smoking Hotel (and Deception)


    At the moment, we’ve parked our butts in the 7 Crown Hotel in La Paz. First off, I wouldn’t recommend this place, mostly because we got a smoking room, even after clearly asking for a non-smoking room.

    Still, it’s not what we got, despite what they told me at the front desk. In addition, an ashtray with matches was sitting on the nightstand.

    To make matters worse, when we opened the window to air the place out, we were assaulted with a rumbling from the extraction fans on the building next door, a sound (we later found out) that went on ’round the clock. We also got the overflow of food smells wafting in from the restaurant below.

    The night we arrived, we were told they couldn’t change the room until the next day because the hotel was full. I accepted that and went to change our room the next day.

    When we got to the new room to check it out, they had the windows wide open, I could smell disinfectant in the air and a strong stink of smoke underneath it. Also, the room was smaller, had stairs to get into it and a horrible view.

    I was really annoyed and went back to our room to think about it. I called the booking agency (DiscoveryMexico.com) to look for a solution, only to be referred back to the front desk of this hotel, where we were promised a room in a different area of the hotel, far away from the smoke.

    I didn’t believe it, not for a second. I also was told we couldn’t get a new hotel because we got a special deal on the room. I had great service with DiscoveryMexico.com last year when I had a problem, but this time it didn’t work and I’m not sure who’s at fault.

    After thinking about it for awhile, I decided to keep this room, smell and all, because it became obvious that we wouldn’t get what we want, nor what I thought I’d paid for.

    Shortly after making our complaints, there was knock at the door. It was one of the cleaning staff, who came in and took the ashtray and matches. It seemed ludicrous to hide the evidence at this late stage.

    I don’t know what these people are thinking. Clearly they’re misleading, if not lying outright to their patrons.

    I don’t know if this is a common practice, but it guarantees several things, a negative review for this hotel, no tip and a post that lets everyone we know to avoid this place. If you’re a smoker, you’ll like it; if you’re an non-smoker, you’ll hate it.

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