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    An Experience of The Economy in Mexico As Seen in Loreto


    The economy in Mexico has taken a huge hit, from what I can see in Loreto. There were hardly any tourists on the street and this was on the waterfront in one of the most desirable areas of town.

    This place is one step away from becoming a ghost town. As a case in point, one of the high end hotels here has 49 rooms. Of those, only 3 are occupied.

    OUCH! I don’t know how they’re keeping their doors open. They must be taking huge losses.

    On the plus side, some places, like the hotel we’re staying at, seem to be doing fairly well. The place has a good stream of traffic every day in the restaurant and the attached coffee shop. The hotel is doing ok, but it’s not well advertised.

    In fact, we only found out about it by accident. We were sitting in the coffee shop and I was curious about the population. No one in the coffee shop knew, so I was advised to go next door to the hotel.

    What hotel? I wondered. When I went next door, I wound up in another restaurant and they directed me to the hotel, which was a corridor between the coffee shop and the restaurant.

    That was a great stroke of luck. When I had a look at the rooms, I knew I’d found a gem. We got a large room at the back of the corridor, a huge king sized bed, privacy and breakfast for two, all for $500.00 pesos (about $40.00USD/night).

    More on that in another post.

    Note: As my friend Laz pointed out in La Paz last winter, business was down about 70%.

    Another example came from a cabbie I rode with, when I got in from a trip at 3:00pm. He had been at the airport since eight that morning and I was his first fare. Needless to say, I gave him a good tip. It didn’t make up for his losses, but I had to do something.

    It’s a common misconception that when you get into Mexico, you’ll be surrounded by warm weather, palm trees and you’ll be sipping margaritas in your shorts and sandals at the beach. Not so.

    Many places in Mexico can be surprisingly cold. As a case in point, I went to visit a friend in Zacatecas a couple of years ago in February. I froze my butt. I had to wear long pants and fleece every day.

    That’s also the case right here, in Loreto. I was unable to shed my long pants and more often than not, I had to wear my heavy fleece jacket. To make matters worse, there was a strong wind every day of our stay and it blew through my jacket like paper. Brrrrrrr!

    Supposedly the reason for the coldness is due to the El Nino that’s playing out right now, but I don’t know. Every day we kept hearing that the next day the wind will stop and it will warm up. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for us.

    Tomorrow, we’re outta here! We’re going to La Paz, a 5.5 hour drive south of here. We’re praying for some warm weather.

    After La Paz, the plan is to go to Todos Santos, then back to La Paz and a ferry ride to the mainland. From there, we’ll go to Bucerias (40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta), then to Barra de Navidad, where we intend to find an apartment.

    Stay tuned!!

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