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    A Visit to Zacatecas: Video Highlights


    This is my last entry about Zacatecas and what a journey it’s been. Overall, I had a great experience here; Fernando and Blanca were wonderful hosts. Fernando extends an invitation to all who are reading these posts to come to Zacatecas.

    It’s an amazing place which I would like to see again and I’m thinking of coming back for another bit of time next fall. The only major difference I would choose is to have my own car. The bus and taxi system works, but it’s limiting and can become expensive.

    Having your own wheels allows you to go to places that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. I’d also recommending buying a GPS. I have one for use in Canada and the US and it’s a godsend.

    I’m going to round this section out with some video highlights of Zacatecas, all taken in the downtown area.


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