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    A Visit to Zacatecas: Part 3


    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, partly because I’ve been traveling quite a bit and haven’t had much time to attend to my blog posts. As a result, I have a huge backlog of material. For the next little while, I’m going to concentrate on finishing my Zacatecas files, which includes many images and some video clips.

    Hanging around Zacatecas was an fascinating experience, but it could be quite cold in the mornings (I had to wear my fleece), but the day would warm up quite a bit, sometimes to the point where shorts and a shirt would be enough.

    Around Zacatecas there are a number of attractions, one of them, known as El Bufo, is a cable car ride from the high hills around Zacatecas, to a spot close to La Mina El Eden (The Eden Mine).

    zacatecas el bufo view

    Here’s a view of Zacatecas as seen from the top of El Bufo.

    fernando and fabiola

    Fernando and Fabiola, clowning around at the top of El Bufo.

    el bufo cable car

    Riding in the El Bufo cable car. The cable car itself is actually pretty small inside, smaller than I expected. If you’ve ever ridden the old cable cars on Whistler or the auxilliary cable car at Grouse Mountain, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    This next section features a few videos that I shot at the top of El Bufo and while riding the cable car itself.

    These series of clips gives you an overall feel of the top of El Bufo, where you see the upper part of the mountain, the mausoleum dedicated to some famous citizens of Zacatecas and an overall view of the city.

    As you will see, it’s huge. Roughly 300,000 people live here. The second clip is shot from the platform, where we’re waiting to get on the cable car. The third and fourth clips are pans of Zacatecas, seen from the cable car.

    el bufo cable car

    This shot is of a napkin holder at Gordita’a, a popular restaurant. Essentially, a Gordita is two tortillas stuck together and placed on a griddle to cook. Once done, one end is slit open and it resembles a pita pocket. You can then fill the Gordita with any number of things, such as chopped meat, vegetables, etc.

    The whole thing is served up with a red sauce. They are often tasty, spicy and messy. Forget about keeping clean when you eat these and make sure you have lots of paper napkins handy.

    el bufo cable car

    A cute smile from Blanca as we enjoyed a late lunch in downtown Zacatecas. This was the last time I saw her.

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