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    A Visit to Zacatecas: Part 2


    When I arrived in Zacatecas, it was late at night, around 9:00p.m. As the taxi wound its way through the streets, it passed under a series of arches which I found fascinating. Later on, I learned these arches were part of an old aqueduct system.

    mexico zacatecas aqueduct

    Here’s one view of the aqueduct

    mexico zacatecas aqueduct

    And one more, so you can get an idea of the scale.

    mexico zacatecas central park

    The center of a park, just a short distance away from the aqueduct.

    mexico zactecas park

    A lovely fountain in the center of the park

    mexico zactecase church

    Another view from the park with a large church in the distance. As you can see, the stone has a pinkish color to it. It also has multiple patterns in the cut pieces as well. Several of them placed together resemble an abstract painting.

    mexico zacatecas church

    An architectural example of the church, showing the structure, as well as the patterns in the cut stone. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the name of the church..

    mexico zacatecas church

    Some closeup detail at the back of the church, showing the old part in the background, and the newer section in the foreground.

    mexico zactecas church stone

    Here’s a closeup of some of that stone. Notice how it resembles an abstract painting. This stone is very popular and is used in a wide variety of buildings all over Zacatecas.

    Here’s a short video of the interior of a church

    mexico zacatecas miner

    A main claim to fame of Zacatecas are its silver mines. At the height of New Spain (part of Cortez’s regime), Zacatecas was producing 20% of the silver and created many wealthy silver barons here. It’s also possible to take a tour of La Mina El Eden (The Eden Mine), but that’s the subject of another post..

    mexico zactecas francisco goita museum

    The main staircase inside the Francisco Goitia museum. Photos weren’t allowed of the paintings, so this is all I can show you. As it turned out, much of the museum was undergoing renovation at the time and there wasn’t much to see. This museum is located close to the central park and aqueduct that you’ve seen in earlier images.

    mexico zacatecas quina real plaza de toros

    This is an inside view of the the Quinto Real, the most exclusive hotel in Zacatecas. Rooms start at $195.00US/night and go up from there. What makes this hotel unique is that is was built on top of an old bullfighting ring.

    mexico zacatecas quinta real bullfighting ring

    An inside view of the corridors that pass around the upper part of the bullfighting arena.

    mexico zacatecas plaza de toros photo

    Here’s a quick snapshot showing what the bullfighting ring looked like before the hotel was built.

    Here’s a short video clip that gives you an idea of the size of this place.

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